Burr Free ECG Machine Tools

Tridex offers both Cut-Off machines and Surface Grinders.

Cut-Off Machines are available for both ECG applications and abrasive applications. Both versions can be configured as either right-hand (feeding from right to left) or left-hand (feeding from left to right) machines.  This allows floor layouts, for up to four machines, that can be set up so that only one operator is required.

Surface Grinders are offered in two sizes, Model SG1545 (150mm X 450mm work area) and SG2060 (200mm X 600mm work area).  Both machines are available with rotary tables that can be configured as a rotary CNC axis or pallet changer.  The SG1645 and SG2060 are both available with CNC controls and the SG1645 is also offered with a simple to use conversational interface. The surface grinders are designed with stationary work tables so that automation is easily integrated.

Tridex also offers custom machines, in both abrasive or ECG configurations, for special applications


ECG Cutoff

ECG Grinding

ECG Grinding

Abrasive Cutoff

ECG Support Services

  • Wheels
  • Electrolytes
  • Tooling
  • Filters
  • Parts
  • Training and Service on Existing ECG Machines
  • Machine Upgrades