Burr Free Electrochemical Cutoff  Machines

Cutoff Machines are available for both ECG applications and abrasive applications. Both versions can be configured as either right-hand (feeding from right to left) or left-hand (feeding from left to right) machines.  This allows floor layouts, for up to four machines, that can be set up so that only one operator is required.  Tridex also offers custom machines for special applications.

The benefits of ECG Cutoff include:

  • Burr Free Stress-Free Cuts
  • Tight Tolerances
  • No Metallurgical Damage
    • No heat affected zone
    • No recast layer
    • No burning or work hardening

Cutoff Machine Model CS1-E:


Stainless Construction for Trouble Free Operation. No Adjustments are Required for Setup.

Stainless Feed and Work Clamp and Tube Support. Quick Release Fixtures -No Tools Required.

Full Access Stainless Guard for Easy Setup, Maintenance and Stock Loading. All Slide Components are Outside of the Wet Area.

Operators Panel with Color Touch Screen Simple User Interface

Tridex Tech - CS1E Machine Silo - Screen Menu 1

Easy to Use Menu Icons
Storage for 100 Programs

Tridex Tech - CS1E Machine Silo - Screen Menu 2

Easy Intuitive Setup. Built in Help Screens.

The CS-1E Electrochemical Tube Cutoff is the right machine where completely burr free cuts are required such as stainless tubing and small diameter bars. The conductive grinding wheel, High current DC power supply and the special electrolyte fluid come together to produce accurate, burr free and stress free cuts on tubing from 0.012″ to 3.15″  (0.3mm to 80 mm) diameter.

New Tridex Model CS-1 Cutoff Machine. Available in left hand or right hand format. Machines can be set up in a cell allowing one person to operate multiple machines.