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Glebar understands the essential role we play within your supply chain and due to the current outbreak of Covid-19, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the well-being of our employees while maintaining operations and support for our customers. Our supply chain and inventory levels remain strong and our service and support teams remain available to support our customers worldwide through this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance, (484) 388-5000. CONTACT US

  International Manufacturing Technology Show 2020 in Chicago

Please visit us at the IMTS trade show in
Chicago, IL (USA) in Booth 237307
September 14-19, 2020!

Bring your toughest manufacturing challenges to our booth to discuss how Tridex can help you with an electrochemical / abrasive cutting or Burr Free grinding solution and how Glebar can assist you with your centerless and other micromachining needs.


Please visit us at the COMPAMED trade show in
Düsseldorf (Germany)  in Hall 8b / E31-4
November 16-19, 2020!

Bring your toughest manufacturing challenges to our booth to
discuss how Tridex can help you with an electrochemical/abrasive cutting or Burr Free grinding solution.

Tridex Technology Services

Burr Free Machine Tools

The latest generation of burr free tube cutoff (ECC) machines and CNC ECG grinders for Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Inconel, Tungsten Carbide, Cobalt-Chrome and most other metals

Burr-free machine tools


Precision Abrasive Cutoff

High precision abrasive cutoff for bar stock, tubing and extruded shapes using thin rubber bond cutoff wheels for fast, accurate cuts with minimal burr

Precision Abrasive Cutoff


Contract Manufacturing

Electrochemical Grinding & Cutoff Services for manufacturing feasibility, process development and pre-production supply. Comprehensive network of supplier both domestic and overseas for the most cost effective sourcing solutions

Electrochemical Grinding & Cutoff Services


About Tridex Electrochemical Grinding Technology

From concepts to solutions, no other company can offer you the insight, experience and creativity that Tridex has in Burr Free ECG Technology. Bring your challenges to Tridex – The ECG Experts

Tridex Technology Ltd is your best source for the latest in Burr Free Electrochemical Grinding and Tube Cutoff machines. Although there are many ways to cut metal, only Electrochemical Machining provides the possibility of a completely burr free result. When burr free machining is required, Electrochemical Grinding is often the most cost effective choice. Commonly known as ECG, this unique technology combines Abrasive Grinding with Electrochemical Machining to provide stress free, low force cutting with no burrs and no metallurgical damage such as recast, heat affected zone, burning or work hardening. Electrochemical Grinding is widely used for tube cutoff of materials such as stainless steel hypodermic needle tubing where deburring is not practical. The technology is also commonly used in aircraft applications such as fragile honeycomb materials and turbine airfoils. The very low cutting forces of the ECG process can easily grind thin, fragile and heat sensitive materials. Metal hardness and conventional machinability are mostly irrelevant to the effectiveness of ECG cutting. Materials such as Cobalt-Chrome, Hastelloy, Inconel and Nitinol which are very difficult to machine with conventional methods can be easily and accurately cut with Burr Free Electrochemical Grinding. Modern Electrochemical Grinding systems are accurate, productive and easy to use. Bring your most difficult tube cutoff, machining, grinding and deburring challenges to Tridex Technology.

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